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Our Vision

Being recognised internationally as a leading
APPLIED LEISURE science Laboratory
word class scientific research, advisory
and education services for citizen’s wellbeing.

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Our Mission

APPLE LAB must become the role model for the
delivery of high-quality LEISURE services
within the community, providing
innovative strategies, applied sciences methods and integrated resources that will create opportunities for a sustainable future.

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Kids Playing Tug of War


  • Respect and appreciation of differences

  • Life Long Learning

  • Appreciation of personal Wellbeing

  • Professional and Ethical Behaviour

  • Collaboration

  • Creativity

  • Social Responsibility

  • Equality and Equity

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Follow the wellbeing Way

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APPlied LEisure Lab was founded in 2018 in Greece, Trikala at University of Thessally
in order to support and foster the sense of wellbeing
by combining Outdoor, Sport and Arts with Leisure.

The study of leisure in a scientific way in modern society is very important!
since in leisure time the concepts of leisure, entertainment, fun and game are included.

Our approach is formed by three levels:
Scientific Research, Educational Programs, Events & Projects.

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An Array Of Activities


  • Adventure Parks (High Rope Courses) / Πάρκα περιπέτειας

  • Hiking / Ορειβασία - Πεζοπορία – Περπάτημα

  • Canyoning / Κατάβαση Φαραγγιών

  • Climbing / Αναρρίχηση

  • Rafting / Κατάβαση ποταμού με φουσκωτή βάρκα

  • Sea Kagiak / Καγιάκ Θαλάσσης

  • Ski / Χιονοδρομία

  • Mountain Bike / Ποδήλατο Βουνού

  • Archery / Τοξοβολία

  • Active Urban Hollidays / Ενεργητικές Διακοπές σε Αστικό Περιβάλλον

  • Parapente / Αιωροπτερισμός

Extreme Sport


  • Mountaineering Skiing / Αγωνιστικό Ορειβατικό Σκι

  • Sport Climbing / Αγωνιστική Αναρρίχηση

  • Volley Ball / Πετοσφαίριση Σάλας

  • Beach Volley / Πετοσφαίριση Παραλίας

  • Swimming / Κολύμβηση

Arts / Culture

  • Dance / Χορός

  • Drama games and Activities - Physical expression / Θεατρικό Παιχνίδι - Σωματική έκφραση

  • Photography / Φωτογραφία

  • Visual Arts / Εικαστικές Τέχνες

  • Yoga / Γιόγκα

Art Dancer
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